Massage 101

Getting Your First Massage? What Should You Expect?

New to us, or to massage in general? We are honored that you have chosen to visit us. We are here to give you a relaxing and 100% professional experience. The experience of getting a massage can seem new and awkward. We are here to help in your know massage lifestyle. Here is what you can expect when you come to visit with us. We are sure you will feel at home.


Before Your Session:

If this is your first visit, please arrive 10-15 minute before your appointment. This will give us time to go over some preliminary paperwork. It will also allow for time to get to know you and what brings you in. Each body is different so each body requires different treatment. You will be asked about your daily and recreational activities to ensure your session is tailored to what your body needs.

Beginning Your Session:

Your session is solely designated for you - from the lighting, music and even the massage pressure. Upon beginning the session, you will be asked by your therapist if the music volume and lighting are to your satisfaction. You will then be asked about your preference when it comes to the amount of pressure you require during your session. You will then be shown around the treatment room and given instructions on how to get on and off the table, along with the positioning to lie in.

During Your Session

During your session, communication is key. My intentions are to provide the most relaxing and safest experience possible. This is why I strictly adhere to our Policies and Procedures. Please let your therapist know if you are feeling uncomfortable at any time. You are in control of your session. Your therapist will check in with on your satisfaction during the session. Feel free to let us know if there are any adjustments that we can make to make sure your session is the most relaxing and safest that it can be (even when you aren’t asked).

After Your Session

When your session is complete, your therapist will thank you for your time. After which, your therapist will exit the room so that you may get ready for the outside world. Be careful getting off the table and be sure to take your time. You may be a little disoriented, or as I like to call it "massage drunk". When you are ready to regain the world, meet your therapist at the front counter. You therapist will be waiting there for you will a complimentary bottle of water. It is essential to the process that you continue with your water intake. Your therapist will also be available to book your next visit.