Water 101

Why You Should Drink Water After Your Massage

Here at Xavier Massage we are known for instructing client to drink water after their sessions. Our clients are very familiar with the bottles of water in the picture below. Each client receives one after their appointment to make sure that they are increasing their water intake. Why do we do this?


Massage Is Dehydrating:

While you have been relaxing, getting to Zen, and even drooling, your body has been working. When the therapist is kneading your muscles, they are working fluid through the muscles and back in to the body. Drinking water after your session will help to place fresh fluid back into your muscles.

Massage Releases Toxins

One of the major benefits of massage is the release of toxins. The fluids that we talk about in the section above are caring those toxins out of your muscles and into the body. Drinking water after your session will help your kidneys to eliminate the toxins and waste that your therapist has gotten out of your muscles.

Complimentary Water After Each Session